Tree Planting Service In Jupiter, FL

new tree planting in jupiter floridaAt Integrity Tree Service our goal is to replace as many trees as we cut down with our tree planting services. We love taking on new jobs where we get to plant trees on our customers property. Part of what we do is lawn care and landscape design, whether you need us to update your yard or need us to re-do everything, we can get the job done.

Planting new trees takes more than just digging a hole and hoping the tree survives. Our company offers the experience and knowledge that will give your new trees the best chance of surviving. We can help you choose the best places to plant certain trees as well as give you advise of where you should and should not plant a tree. Its never good to plant a tree that will need to be removed in a few years because you planted it too close to a structure of power lines.

What You Need To Know About Planting Trees

We offer a qualified arborists who will work closely with you to determine the best place to plant your new trees. Some of these factors need to be discussed before work can begin:

  • Type of tree you want planted
  • Sunlight exposure
  • Structures, power lines and other trees nearby
  • Your soil depth and pH level.
  • Exposure to wind
  • Does your soil drain?
  • Will there be root restrictions as the tree grows.

It is always great to plant new trees, but there are many factors involved that need to be discussed before the planting process starts. We love to plant new trees because we know it helps the environment, it creates a habitat for wildlife and they enhance the beauty of our city.

How We Help You With Your Tree Planting Needs?

Most of the jobs we complete are tree removals in Jupiter. We have customers who need to have their dead or dying trees removed and they also hire us to plant new trees in their place. Our certified arborist will walk through the process and show the customer what type of tree they recommend be planted. Planting new trees can be an investment and if you did it yourself but didn’t know what you were doing, your new tree could die. Let us how help you and give your trees the best chance of growing healthy and strong for years to come.

We work with people who need one tree or multiple trees, we also can help you with a completely new landscape and offer free estimates.

At Integrity Tree Service, our certified arborists are  here to work with you and answer any of your questions. Give us a call if you need tree planting services in Jupiter – (561) 517-9554