Stump Removal Services In Jupiter FL

our stump removal process in jupiter floridaIf you are looking to have a stump removed then you have found the right company. Integrity Tree Service is different than many of the tree service companies in Jupiter FL. There are many tree removal companies that will remove the tree but leave the stump or remove the stump at additional cost. It’s not unusual to have an additional cost for stump grinding as it can be a long process depending on the size of the stump. This is what makes Integrity Tree Service reliable when it comes to tree trimming, tree removal and stump removal – we believe in customer service so we aim for your complete satisfaction.

Stump removal is a labor-intensive process requiring heavy equipment and a professional who can correctly remove the stump safely and without damaging the property. Most companies may refer you to a stump removal company but Integrity Tree Service is equipped with the machines and the highly-skilled crew to complete stump removal in Jupiter FL.

Are There Reasons For Not Removing A Stump?

Perhaps the biggest reason that folks decide not to remove a stump is because of the cost. However, Integrity Tree Service offers an affordable option when you want a stump removed along with the removal of a tree. We understand how unsightly a stump may be in your yard, but our crew is highly skilled and will be able to utilize the best methods to remove the stump without breaking the bank.

There are other reasons why people avoid removing a tree stump. For instance, some think it will just rot away. While this is true, it will take decades before this process is complete and during all those years you will have a rotting tree stump in your yard. However, some people like a tree stump for its decorative purposes too which is acceptable.

If you are looking to inquire about the grinding process or stump removal costs, give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Stump Grinding In Jupiter FL

Stump grinding can remove a stump effectively. It is a longer process especially if you have a larger stump in your yard, but we have the grinding equipment necessary to grind the stump to below the surface. How this works is our machine is placed over the top of the stump and then it grinds it to small pieces. By grinding it down to below surface of the yard, you won’t even notice that it was there. What about the roots of the tree? Over time, those roots and other parts of the tree that are underground will rot away. Integrity Tree Service offers this great option if you don’t want to go through the expense of having a stump completely removed.

Now that Integrity Tree Service has successfully and safely removed the stump from your yard, what happens with the hole? Our crew will smooth out the area and then you will have the option to add top soil and grass seed to fill in this dirt patch. We can also plant grass over the spot where the stump used to be. Your lawn will look great and the tree or stump that you have wanted removed will be officially off of your property!

For qualified, insured and licensed stump removal in Jupiter FL, choose Integrity Tree Service. Our experienced crew is ready to answer any questions you may have and help you through the process of removing a stump.

To learn more about stump removal in Jupiter FL, contact us today at (561) 517-9554.